What to blog about… 🤔️

2020-07-18 - 2 min read


This page contains some ideas for me to write blog posts about. Have something that you'd like to know more about? Let me know! You can contact me on Twitter.

Note: This doesn't mean I'll write about everything in here. They're just ideas.

Currently writing

Javascript array methods

A post that explains JavaScript array methods, they're really useful but you have to know when to use which one.


Test Driven Development with Cypress

How to build features with mock data while also writing tests at the same time.

Maybe make it a series with how you install it as well.

Promises: Async/Await

A post about the ins and outs of asynchronous JavaScript code and how to use async & await.

React Hooks

A post that explains React hooks and how to build totally awesome hooks yourself.

React state management: You might not need a state management library

A post that explains why you don't always need a state management library, Hooks to the rescue!

Next.JS: Setting up a blog with Next.JS

A post that explains how to build a blog in Next.JS. It wasn't always easy but through this post I hope to make it easier for others.

Javascript: Spread operator

A post about the spread operator in JavaScript.

Flutter: Getting started

A post that explains how to get up and running with Flutter to build your first app.

Be a teacher, not a grumpy dev

When I started programming, the developers I looked up to because they were really good, were also really grumpy and often made new developers feel like they should just learn everything on their own. With this post I hope I can explain how and why I decided not to be like them.

Vercel: Ship it 'n fuhgeddaboutit

Deploying apps made easy with Vercel

  • Previews for all branches
  • Auto deploying
  • importing projects


Getting started with React & Typescript

A post that describes how to get started with React + Typescript.

Getting started with React & AWS Amplify

A post that describes how to get started with React + AWS Amplify.

TODO to make this blog itself better:

Possibility to hit "/" and search for content on the page with some context. Mad useful on posts like the one about array methods.